This program is designed to help you backup the files that you need. Once finished you will be able to choose which folder to backup, where you want to back it up and hopefully much more. There will also be settings for you to edit such as the max amount of backups, which can be unlimited, and eventually it will be able to compress your files! It will also let you save and load configurations for fast backups!

What is Completed

  • Backing up!
  • Location of what to backup
  • A Fixed location of where to backup (For now, will soon be able to customize)
  • A decent name format - Nick + Date + Time - EX: Screenshots 4-11-12 21.34.29
  • Basic GUI

What To-do/add

  • Custom backup location
  • Saving and Loading of configuration
  • A nicer save name format
  • An awesome logo!
  • Settings and more settings
  • Warns you when there is a new update
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